Toontrack EZX Post Rock

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The Toontrack EZX Post Rock is a premium-quality drum expansion designed for use with EZDrummer 2. This drum expansion features four complete kits sampled with drumsticks and one complete kit sampled with brushes. These kits were recorded live in Sundlaugin Studios in Reykjavik Iceland ensuring the highest quality audio reproduction possible resulting in the rich natural tones the original kits deliver. There is also eleven mix-ready presets engineered by Birgir Jon Birgisson covering a range of styles genres and moods. Every sound and nuance of the kits has been recorded in the highest quality possible allowing you to trigger whatever part of the drum sound you want; letting you implement them in your own music production. The drums are catered for modern age rock music but can be used in virtually any genre. With its multitude of premium quality drum samples and versatile triggering options; the Toontrack EZX Post Rock sound expansion is ideal for any digital music engineer.


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Five Complete Kits The Toontrack EZX Post Rock Expansion features five completely different kits for use with different styles and genres of music. Four of the kits are sampled with drumsticks for the classic drum sound with one kit sampled with brushes felt mallets and the snares off option for jazz style response. The four kits feature world-class instruments from Rogers Tama Yamaha and Sakae ensuring the highest quality sound reproduction and drum samples. There are also six custom percussion pieces incorporated into this expansion kit delivering unique sounds you can only find in the EZX Post Rock expansion. With the multitude of different drum sounds and styles the EZX Post Rock delivers a creative palette to let you sculpt any soundscape you desire. These rich textured instruments have been designed and recorded with studio engineers and music producers in mind ensuring the best quality audio reproduction available. Combine all this with the versatile functionality of the EZdrummer 2 and you have a powerful expansive digital-drumming solution. Professionally Engineered The drum sounds themselves were hand-picked recorded and mixed by Birgir Jón Birgisson and Arnar Gíslason at Sundlaugin Studios in Reykjavik Iceland. Sundlaugin Studios is one of the most remote recording facilities in the world most famous for being the studio where Sigur Rós frequents. All the drum samples have been captured using the best microphones and outboard gear used by the likes of Sólstafir Jon Hopkins as well as Sigur Rós. The four kits included in the EZX Post Rock were recorded with classic drumsticks with one kit being recorded with a set of brushed sticks including extra snares cymbals and custom percussive pieces. Between the professional capturing process at the studio and the high-quality custom percussive instruments; The EZX Post Rock delivers premium quality drum kits in an easy-to-use expansion. Features Recorded at Sundlaugin Studios in Reykjavik Iceland Four (4) complete kits sampled with sticks (Rogers Tama Yamaha and Sakae) One (1) complete kit sampled with brushes felt mallets and a ”snares off” option (Sakae) Eleven (11) mix-ready presets engineered by Birgir Jón Birgisson covering a wide range of styles and moods Six (6) custom percussion pieces Includes a selection of MIDI drum grooves performed by Arnar Gíslason System Requirements 4 GB of free hard disk space 2 GB RAM A working EZdrummer 2.1 or a Superior Drummer 2.4.2 (or above) installation.

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