Radial Tonebone BigShot MIX Effects Mixer

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The Tonebone BigShot MIX Effects Mixer from Radial Engineering gives you the power to blend sounds live on stage in a way previously only possible with a studio mixer. It allows the original tone of your instrument to be mixed with any effects pedals resulting in a thick dynamic sound without compromise. For example putting a bass through a distortion pedal would usually result in the loss of its natural bottom end frequencies but with the BigShot MIX this is no longer a problem. With an LED indicator sturdy 14 gauge steel and a heavy duty footswitch this is the perfect addition to your pedal board!


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The BigShot MIXs innovative class-A circuit design ensures you can mix the natural dry tone of your guitar or bass with the wet effect of your pedals controlling the balance between them with a set & forget recessed MIX control. The original sound is maintained by allowing the signal to pass straight through the unit and not the pedals routing only the desired amount to your effects loop. Standard 1/4" send and return jacks mean connecting the mixer to your loops couldnt be easier! A 180° polarity reverse switch means your wet and dry signals will always be in phase creating the perfect blend of sound every time. The Bigshot MIX features 14 gauge steel construction a baked enamel finish a heavy duty high-cycle switch and still only weighs in at just over 0.5kg; paired with all of its great features this means its the sturdy rugged pedal you need when youre gigging or on the road. Specifications Circuit Type: Class-A active buffered circuit with mixing and true bypass Polarity: Yes - 180° polarity reverse on fx return Level control: 0 to 100 mixing Footswitch: Heavy-duty high-cycle Power requirement: 9 VDC - 40ma center negative Construction: 14 gauge steel baked enamel finish Size: 3.6"w x 3.9"d x 2"h (92 x 99 x 51mm) Weight: 1.25 lb (0.56 kg)

Specification: Radial Tonebone BigShot MIX Effects Mixer






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