Radial Tonebone PZ-Select Two Channel Instrument Switcher

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The Tonebone PZ-Select from Radial Electronics is a top of the range signal switcher packed with a multitude of features uniquely designed for guitarists using modern hybrid guitars employing both magnetic and piezo pickups. It also suits musicians who play both electric and acoustic on stage and need to switch perfectly. Featuring two dedicated channels one for electric and the other optimised for acoustic the PZ-Select allows for seamless switching between the two at no cost to tone with Radials DragÔäó control. A powerful switcher with powerful features nothing works quite like the PZ-Select!


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" The PZ-Select is the brain of my whole rig! Its made life so simple dealing with hum phase clunky pedals switching and effects loops... and fixes all of those issues! The PZ-Select is an incredible pedal!" - Dave Martone (recording artist) Premium Dual Channel Instrument Switcher with Class-A Circuitry The PZ-Selects unique design starts with two separate channels. Channel 1 is dedicated for electric guitar and magnetic pickups and Channel 2 for acoustic and piezo pickups with switching between them enabled by two easy access pedals right at your feet. Channel 1 features Radials class-A circuit buffer for perfect signal integrity. An integrated 3-position high-pass filter helps eliminate that muddy bottom end which nobody wants dampening their tone. Ground lift eliminates that pesky buzz from ground loops. When the PZ is used with acoustic instruments the filter works with a 180° polarity reverse to help eliminate resonant feedback and keep a pure raw tone. A low-pass filter is also included in the vast array of customisable features to help warm the sound of active piezo systems that can often sound too harsh and bright. Youre completely in control of the tone all your pickups provide nothing is left to chance. Two Output Options Plus Dedicated Effects Loop With the PZ-Select you will find options to customise your sound and rig setup around every corner and in every detail. Theres two outputs for you to choose from: A standard 1/4" output to feed a stage amp and a built-in DI box which routes the piezo-acoustic tone direct to the PA system via a low-Z balanced XLR out no need to haul around that heavy acoustic amp! The acoustic/piezo channel also provides a dedicated effects loop so you can feed both outputs with pedal chains; the PZ-select is the ultimate for tone tweaking. Augmented with Drag™ Control Load Correction The Tonebone PZ-Select features Radials Drag™ control load correction so your pickups always detect the correct impedance load just as if it were plugged directly into an amp. This means your guitar will always produce its rich harmonic tone and no unwanted frequencies will be emphasized whatever its plugged in to next. On top of all this bright full-sized LEDs provide visual clarity under both harsh lights and dark smokey stages to show the selected channel. Even when turned off the signal from both pickups are combined and routed to the dedicated tuner out for silent on stage adjustments when you need them. This could be the ultimate gigging selector switch! Specifications Construction: 14 gauge steel baked enamel finish Connectors: Nickel-silver contacts Glass filled nylon housing Circuitry: 100 discrete Class-A circuitry More specs will be added when they become available from the manufacturer.

Specification: Radial Tonebone PZ-Select Two Channel Instrument Switcher




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