Rickenbacker 4004CII Cheyenne II Bass Guitar FireGlo

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The Rickenbacker 4004CII Cheyenne II Bass Guitar comes in a classic FireGlo finish. Crafted from premium-grade timber sourced from American farms with powerful Rickenbacker 4004 humbuckers carefully positioned and mounted to the neck-through body the 4004CII is an excellent bass guitar for any bassist. The Bubinga fretboard atop the Eastern Maple neck allows for a balanced tone and beautiful playing experience. With a neck-through design the upper frets are much easier to reach with added overall sustain.


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Bubinga Fretboard With Eastern Maple Neck Bubinga is a strong and rigid wood with smooth grain patterns. The colours can range from anywhere between beautiful purples to rich browns. The tonal properties of Bubinga allow for a bright midrange and a thick focused low-end. When combined with an Eastern Maple neck that accentuates the high and high-mid frequencies not only do you have a neck that is beautiful to play but one that provides an excellent tonal balance as well. American Farm-Grown Sustainable Woods The Rickenbacker 4004 Cheyenne CII bass is crafted from premium grade sustainable timbers sourced from American tree farms and plantations. This bass features a solid Maple and Walnut body with a smooth and sturdy Maple neck running the entire length of the bass topped with a Bubinga fretboard. Two Humbucking Pickups With the incredibly useful attribute of cancelling hum these pickups are carefully positioned on the gorgeous body of the 4004CII and are capable of powerful and rich full bass tones. Combined with premium grade timber and excellent craftsmanship you can achieve an extremely versatile range of incredible bass tonality. Neck-Through Construction Neck-through construction of the 4004CII allows the player greater access to the upper frets with the potential for much more prominent sustain from the Eastern Hard Maple that runs the entire length of the bass. Specifications Body & Bridge Body: Solid Maple & Walnut Bridge: Combi Tailpiece: Combi Neck & Fingerboard Neck: Eastern Maple Fingerboard: Bubinga (unfinished) Scale Length: 33 1/4" Neck Width at Nut: 1 11/16" Neck Width at 12th Fret: 2 1/8" Frets: 20 Fret marker Style: Dot Neck Type: Through-Body Crown Radius: 10" Electronics & Hardware Pickups: Rickenbacker Humbuckers x 2 Output Type: Mono Tuning Machines: Schaller M4 Dimensions Weight:3.6kg (8lbs) Overall Length: 113.8cm (44 13/16") Overall Width: 34.3cm (13 1/2") Overall Depth: 3.18cm (1 1/4")

Specification: Rickenbacker 4004CII Cheyenne II Bass Guitar FireGlo




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