Takamine CTP3 CoolTube Preamp

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Takamines CTP-3 preamp features an intuitive tube design. The tube benefits your guitars sound by being able to process the nuances and harmonics that naturally occur as a result of your playing. The 12AU7 runs at a low voltage to prevent it getting excessively hot meaning your guitar is never at risk. The CTP-3s extensive EQ options allow you to tailor the clarity of your signal to your exact requirements. The integrated tuner is an accurate way to make sure your guitars always producing the right notes.


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Tube Design Takamine has pushed innovation forward with a tube designed preamp. The 12AU7 vacuum tube has been established as a standard for high quality audio transfer. The CTP-3’s tube receives a minimal voltage so that it will never overheat and can also last far longer. The single tube and compact build means the CTP-3 is lightweight and won’t put strain on your guitar. The tube can process a more dynamic sound and capture the subtleties in both your playing and the wood’s response. EQ Options The CTP-3’s extensive EQ controls allow you to achieve clarity and texture in all venues. The low mid and high controls offer up to +/-12dB for a full spectrum of adjustment. The mid frequency control knob ranges from 250Hz to 5kHz so you can pinpoint you frequencies’ most prominent areas. The CoolTube can be set to a drive between 0 and 10 whilst a tuner with exceptional accuracy comes as standard.SpecificationsTube: 12AU7 Controls: Low Mid High Volume Aux Notch Mid Frequency CoolTube Tuner Pitch Frequency Volume Range: +/-12dB Mid Frequency Range: 250Hz – 5kHz Notch Cut Level Select: -6dB -12dB Inputs: Left and Right

Specification: Takamine CTP3 CoolTube Preamp






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