TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer

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The TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer is the perfect tool for acoustic guitar players who strive to get studio quality sound in their live performance. Feedback and weak unruly signals can cause huge problems with live acoustic guitar performances the BodyRez aims to solve a wide range of these common issues. Designed to be used with undersaddle pickups the pedal applies a set of carefully tuned filters combined with subtle compression in order to bring your acoustic tone back to life.


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Reign In Resonance Decide how much of the BodyRez effect you want to apply. You can set it low for some subtle compression but to be honest you should just crank it and bask in the full glory of your lovely acoustic instrument. Hold The Howling! BodyRez allows you to configure the Bypass footswitch to minimize if not completely destroy low-end feedback. Plus your sound tech is going to love you when you hold the Bypass switch while you remove the cable silently instead of that almighty and tweeterkilling POW! Room For Greatness With its almost impossibly small enclosure and included 9V power supply BodyRez is set to fit into every setup imaginable - from the simplest grab-and-go rigs to the boards of uber gear-hungry guitarists. So now there?s practically no excuse why your next acoustic gig shouldn?t sound like a million bucks! True Bypass BodyRez is of course completely True Bypass and doesn?t color your core tone in any way when disengaged. But really why would you ever want to turn this beauty off? Features Studio-quality acoustic guitar tone Built-in feedback suppression Restores natural playing feel Ultra-compact design True Bypass 9V region specific power supply included

Specification: TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer






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