Zoom A3 Acoustic Multi-Effects Pedal

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Designed specifically for use with acoustic guitars the Zoom A3 allows guitarists to authentically re-model their instruments sound.


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The use of acoustic pickup systems is gaining popularity whilst they mostly eliminate the need for microphones and offer more resistance to feedback they often fail to obtain the true sound of an acoustic guitar. More often than not different guitars end up sounding dull and much like one another where in reality acoustic guitars have their own unique tone. The Zoom A3 allows you to capture the truest sound of your instrument. By selecting the body and model type of the guitar being played players can share the true sound of an acoustic guitar with live audiences. Presets for 16 body types and 28 models simulate the sonic characteristics of various acoustic guitars with different body shapes and constructed of different materials. 16 Body Types The A3 allows you to choose from 16 guitar body types to re-create the signatures sounds of differing body shapes. From the Dreadnought body setting which generates a large tone full of rich low frequencies to the Orchestra body setting featuring an outstanding response and tonal balance the A3 has the ability to remodel the sonic qualities of a wide range of unique body types. 28 Models The A3 also has the ability to recreate the distinct sound components of 28 of the worlds most famous acoustic guitars. The A3 even accounts for the subtlest of differences between these models. The pedal accurately recreates the tonal differences between guitars with the same body shape but different bracing or wood from which they are made. High Quality Acoustic Pickup (for both Pickups & Mics) The A3s pre-amp specifically designed for acoustic guitars can be used with piezoelectric magnetic and passive pickups. In addition the pedals XLR-1/4-inch combination Mic input which can provide phantom power allows you to connect a microphone and mix its signal with that of your pickup via dedicated knobs to dial-in your sound. The A3s pre-amp section also features a 3-band EQ for adjusting your guitar tone according to your performance environment a BALANCE knob to set the ratio of the original sound (DRY) and the sound after adding effects (WET) as well as a super-low noise design. 40 Acoustic Effects With a focus on spatial effects including chorus delay and reverb the A3 offers over 40 acoustic guitar effects that can enhance the sound of your instrument. Other effects include compressors that suppress input peaks and even out sound levels air effects that simulate the feeling of space from room tone detuning effects that create the sound of a 12-string guitars and much more. You can use up to two effects simultaneously and order them as you like. Anti Feedback Function If you experience feedback from your acoustic guitar during a performance just engage the A3s ANTI FEEDBACK footswitch. While keeping changes to your tone to a minimum the ANTI FEEDBACK function will quickly and effectively detect the frequency that is causing the feedback and apply a steep filter to that frequency band. Later if feedback occurs due to another frequency just hit the footswitch again as the ANTI FEEDBACK function can handle up to three problematic frequency ranges at once. Features and Specifications Effect Types: 40 Model Types: 28 Simultaneous Effects: 2 effects + 1 model Patch Memory: 20 Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz A/D Conversion: 24bit 128times over-sampling D/A Conversion: 24bit 128times over-sampling Signal Processsing: 32bit floating point and 32bit fixed point Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz (+1dB / -3dB) (10kΩ load) Display: LCD Inputs: Pickup In: 1/4 phone jack Rated input level: -20dBm Input impedance: 1MΩ Mic In: XLR-1/4 phone jack Rated input level: -20dBm Input impedance: 1kΩ Outputs: R: 1/4 phone jack Maximum output level: +5dBm?Output load impedance 10kΩ or higher) L/Mono/Phones: 1/4 stereo phone jack (LINE / PHONES) Maximum output level: Line: +5dBm (Output load impedance: 10kΩ or higher) Phones: 5.7mW + 5.7mW into 32Ω load Balanced Out: XLR jack Output impedance: 100Ω(HOT-GND COLD-GND) 200Ω(HOT-COLD) GND LIFT(Switch selectable) S/N: 120dB Noise Floor: -100dBm Power: AC adapter: DC9V / Center negative / 500mA (ZOOM AD-16) Batteries: AA/LR6 battery x 4 Battery Life: 8 hours (with alkaline batteries) Dimensions: 160.3 (D) x 108 (W) x 54.9 (H) mm USB: Firmware Update

Specification: Zoom A3 Acoustic Multi-Effects Pedal




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