37 Key Melodica by Gear4music

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A high grade 37 key Melodica with interchangeable mouthpieces integrated hand strap and a soft case offering premium quality at an unbeatable price.


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The Melodica is a reed instrument that is similar to the Melodeon or Harmonica. It has a piano keyboard on top and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument which plays the reeds that correspond to whatever keys are pushed down at the time. The 37 key Melodica by Gear4music features a high grade lightweight plastic casing and high grade plastic keys making it comfortable to hold and play. It also features an integrated hand strap and both a short and long pipe mouthpiece making playing sitting or standing equally comfortable. This Melodica also comes with a soft carry case ideal for storing or transporting your instrument. About Gear4music products - a revolution in competitively priced high-quality musical instruments and equipment: Gear4music have teamed up with some of the best manufacturers from around the world to produce a range of high quality yet affordable musical products. Gear4music branded products include drum kits acoustic and electric guitars woodwind brass and string instruments as well as speaker systems and much more all representing incredibly good value for money. But the impressive-looking prices arent the end of the story - we pride ourselves on the fact that our products are made to the same quality standards you would expect from brands costing much more money and we back this up with a standard 30 Day Money Back Guarantee because to put it simply we think that if you try our products you will not be disappointed. Gear4music products are produced ethically and responsibly to meet the expectations of a caring world.

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