Roland FR-4X V-Accordion with Keyboard Black

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The Roland FR-4X V Accordion is a traditional model from its expression to its portability. Buying this product enables players to explore where Rolands acclaimed range of digital v accordions could take their unique performances. Featuring a light and compact design responsive pressure-sensing bellows and full-range onboard speakers the FR-4X feels as familiar as your favorite acoustic v accordion. The FR-4X presents the same powerful sound engine as Rolands flagship FR-8X. Choose from a wide selection of accordion sounds from around the world and play in silence using headphones or connect to a PA for live performance. Control other electronic musical instruments via the MIDI connector or record your playing to a connected USB stick and share your music with the world. While its sound and response are reassuringly traditional the Roland FR-4X v-accordion is a model for the modern age.


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Versatile Playing Ability with Interactive Onboard Tones The FR-4X is a traditional acoustic v-accordion that offers just one dedicated sound. Its powerful sound engine is carried over from the flagship FR-8X. The new FR-4X puts an entire orchestra in your hands with a variety of onboard sounds that support your style of music. With 100 preset accordion sets and 162 orchestral sounds the FR-4X v-accordion provides you with all kinds of possibilities. This model is an extension of Rolands latest keyboards transforming your accordion into an organ string quartet or bass guitar. You could add chorus reverb and rotary effects or accompany your melody lines with the onboard drum sounds. This model introduces so much flexibility for an avid player who wants to experiment in all music styles or focus for a professional who wants to practise their own unique style. Traditional Digital Accordion This acoustic playing v-accordion features a layout which includes a mix of familiar features as well as some unfamiliar components too. The 37 velocity-responsive keys and 120 left-hand buttons feel recognisable while the pressure-sensing bellows circuitry allows players to customise the v-accordion to their own playing style. This new digital v-accordion is ideal for travelling musicians not only because of its compact and lightweight design but because of the onboard technology and the option of powering from an AC adaptor or AA batteries. Flexible Music-Making with Versatile Outputs The Roland FR-4X is capable of supporting you in practice the studio or on stage. The headphone jack enables you to practise at home without disturbing the neighbors and when youre on the go a powerful onboard audio system with two speakers and a tweeter supplies big full-range sound. Avid music makers can even connect with external MIDI devices like the Roland BK-7m backing module for controllable accompaniment. This model is ready for the stage and is a popular choice for gigging players providing a direct connection to a venues PA system via the line out without the need to mic up a traditional v-accordion. Enjoy Playing Your Favorite Songs or Record Your Own The USB memory port is a favoured feature by many professionals. It offers the choice to use a preloaded USB stick with either your favourite tunes or your own work. The FR-4X offers so many creative possibilities that can be used when you have just a couple of minutes spare. Such as the onboard recorder that enables a player to record a new piece then all thats left to do is transfer it across to a USB and work on it at your earliest convenience. This enables players to quickly and easily express momentary inspirations and then turn them into truly great sounds. The USB export also allows you to safely archive your customised sound settings. Features 37 Keys and 120 Left-Hand Buttons Compact and Lightweight Sound Module and User Interface From the Flagship FR-8x Headphones and Line Outputs 100 Accordion Sound Sets (Including 67 Pre-Loaded Sets) 162 Orchestral Sounds 32 Organ Sounds 3 Drum Sounds Built-in Chorus Reverb and Rotary Effects Onboard Audio Recorder Fast Response and High Sensitivity From Bellows Pressure-Sensing Circuitry Bellows Resistance Regulator to Adjust Bellows Inertia Powerful Onboard Amplification System (Two Speakers + One Tweeter) Character-Type LCD Screen Four Expansion Slots for Access to Additional Tone Libraries (Balkan and Dallape Expansions are Pre-Installed) Dedicated FR-4x Editor Software USB Connection and MIDI I/O USB Memory Port for Song Playback and Recording Powered by AC Adaptor or 10 AA-Size Batteries Available in Black or Red; Made in ItalySpecifications Right Hand: 37 Keys (With Velocity Sensitivity) Left Hand: 120 Bass Buttons (With Velocity Sensitivity) Bellows: High-Resolution Pressure Sensor for the Detection of Bellows Pressure Bellows Resistance Regulator: Wheel with Fine Adjustment Max Polyphony: 128 Voices Tones: 100 Accordion Sets Display: Custom LCD (8 Characters + 16 Segments x 4) Rated Power Output: 2 x 11 W Speakers: 2 x 10 cm 1 x Tweeter Wave Expansion: 4 Internal Areas (8 MB Each) to Load New Sounds Power Supply: AC Adaptor Batteries (AA Type Rechargeable Ni-MH x 10) Current Draw: 2000 mA On-board Connectors:OUTPUT Jacks L/Mono (Treble) R/Mono (Bass): 1/4h Phone Type PHONES Jack: Stereo 1/4h Phone Type INPUT Jack: Stereo Miniature Phone Type MIDI (IN or OUT) Connectors USB MEMORY Port USB COMPUTER Port (USB Hi-Speed MIDI Support) DC IN jackDimensions (W x D x H):481 x 270 x 430 mm 18-15/16 x 10-11/16 x 16-15/16 inchesWeight (Without Straps and Batteries):8.9 kg 19 lbs 10 ozAccessories:AC Adaptor Power Cord (for Connecting the AC Adaptor) Owner’s Manual Reference Caps for the Bass Buttons Straps Accordion Cover Attachment StripFor further specifications please see the PDF just above the "Full Description".

Specification: Roland FR-4X V-Accordion with Keyboard Black




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