Yamaha YCR8620 Neo Eb Cornet Silver

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The Yamaha YCR-8620 Neo Eb Cornet is a reliable instrument for the advanced musician. This modern design includes a thinner bell for a free resonance that maintains clarity even at loud volumes. The curved pipe offers a balanced resistance that can be utilised by experience players for achieving a full bodied tone. The YCR-8620 small scale means it naturally produces emphasises more focused high frequencies making it ideal for ensembles. This model has a silver plated finish for a modern aesthetic and features a custom designed hard case for easy portability on the road.


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Neo Series The Neo Series of cornets include revolutionary design features for the forward thinking musician. Each feature has been reconsidered and reconstructed for increased efficiency and quality. New levels of power and projection combine allow players to reach new heights in making their voice heard with all the subtle techniques becoming more noticeable. The sound quality has a dramatic warmth and depth that makes your performances more expressive. The custom-designed single case features a better moulded fit for the Yamaha YCR8620 Neo Eb Cornet and provides more protection during transportation as well as room for accessories inside. Improved Design Yamaha’s Neo series focuses on developing the playability of your instrument. By making subtle improvements to a variety of features Yamaha have achieved a series of instruments that work for the musician in a more efficient way. The one piece bell has been improved for a more responsive sound with rich tonality. This model has been crafted with the help of 3 world renowned players and conductors for a sound and feel that works perfectly on the stage. The high quality yellow brass has warm deep characteristics as well as a stunning aesthetic. New Leadpipe and Bell Yellow brass has been utilised with the tube leading from the leadpipe to the valves delivering a depth of sound and a richness in tonal variety that are required for British brass bands. The use of yellow brass for the Yamaha YCR-8620 Neo Cornets lead-pipe connection tube and main tuning slide give these new cornets a rich flexible sound and excellent response in the higher register. The one-piece bell provides for great tonal colours and improved response.SpecificationsBell Size: 120mm Bore Size: 11.3mm Key: Eb Pipe Material: Yellow Brass Connection Tube Material: Yellow Brass Bell Material: Yellow Brass Valve: 3 Pistons Finish: Silver Plated Mouthpiece: CR-6B4 Included Accessories: CRC-8620 Hard Case

Specification: Yamaha YCR8620 Neo Eb Cornet Silver






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